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Real Pizza is a unit of Real Group which was established in April 2005. 15 years ago, a venture, Real Group was started with a small fast food restaurant in Junagadh named “Real Food Zone”. Back in the days, in 2005 there were only a few quality food vendors in Junagadh. Our dedication to the pure taste and hygienic process made us people’s favorite food outlet in Junagadh. With the love and support of our customers and our hard-work, we now have 6 businesses under the roof of “Real Group”.

The term Real in the name “Real Group” stands for a real or authentic taste of our food items. Since our inception, providing the real taste of the particular food has been our topmost priority. This motto of ours makes us stand out from the other food chains.

Today, Real Group is much more than a small fast-food restaurant. Our business has now a variety of different outlets which offer Italian food, Indian food, and catering service. We now have 4 food outlets across the state and a catering and event management business.

Real Pizza was started at our doorstep in 2017 and got a really good response from the customers. Our specialty is our “Unlimited Meal”, in which we serve many varieties of food at an affordable price. The aim of our unlimited meal has always been to serve a variety of food to the customers with different tastes.


Our goal is to open at least one franchise of Real Pizza in every major city of Gujarat and provide our customer with the authentic taste of our quality food. We do believe that with our dedication and quality of food, we will become a household name globally within no time.


Quality food and service has always been the motto of Real Pizza since its inception. We also focus to run the business with minimum wastage and maximum profit. With this in mind, we run our business at an affordable cost to our customers. We always try to satisfy the different tastes of our customers with a single meal.

What can you expect from us?

  • The company will make the franchise outlet on its own.
  • Will will assist you with the location selection process.
  • We will help you with Interior design, kitchen and outer look as per the franchise theme.
  • Total marketing and advertising support will be on us.
  • Menu and rates will be decided by the company.
  • In the beginning, the company will provide you with the staff and will assist further if required.
  • The owner and staff will undergo 15 days of training which will be provided by us prior to the opening.
  • The company will stand by you in acquiring furniture, AC, Dining tables, Signboards, CCTV, and the software.
  • Ideas about the theme-based interior design will be shared with the franchise.
  • Offers will be briefed by the company at the beginning of the month.
  • Most importantly, the company will always be standing steady and strong by the franchise owner regarding the improvements in the business.
  • If the franchise finds it hard to get anything, the company will provide an optimum solution to the franchise owner.
  • The company will always support a franchise with cost-effective raw material purchase advice.
  • From beginning to the peak of the business, the company will provide marketing solutions as per the requirements. So that the franchise will be profitable from the beginning.
  • Not only business, but we all will also be moving forward as a family so that we can stand apart in the world of Pizza.
  • The company will also guide you to be more profitable in the future.


Profit margin might vary from 15 to 20 percent depending on the business of the particular franchise. By following our suggestion, the owner can earn more than 20% of the profit. The franchisee will get more profits if more family members are involved in the franchisee as man-power.

Terms and conditions

  • Minimum 3 owners are required to open an outlet.
  • A 3-phase connection is required at the franchisee location.
  • The franchisee must have a sitting capacity of 80 people.
  • There must be a minimum of 12 members of staff. (5 in the Kitchen, 7 for serving)
  • Franchisee deposit must be paid before the inauguration.
  • We are a registered company. So, each franchisee has to follow the rules and regulations of the company.
  • The location must be on main road of the city and on the ground floor or on the first floor.Interiors will be as per the norms of company insurance and designs will be also decided by the interior designer appointed by the company.
  • There must not be any change in the company’s ‘red and black’ theme.
  • The royalty must be deposited between 1st to 5th of every month.
  • The deposit paid is not refundable in any condition.
  • Franchisee owner must obey the rules of FSSI and the company and henceforth subjected to produce all the required documentation for the same.
  • The outlet must start with a grand opening.
  • Raw materials used in every outlet will be decided by the company and franchisee owner is not authorized to make any changes in that, if done so, the company will take necessary steps against it.
  • Quality of food and service must not be sacrificed at any cost.
  • The franchisee owner cannot change the menu or rates decided by the company.
  • Whenever the company officials come for the routine checking, they must be given proper support in anything they ask for. If the company asks for any changes in the franchisee, the franchisee will have to follow those changes.
  • The accounting software will be used in any franchisee will have to get approved by the company.
  • The quality of the food must be maintained. Especially pizza, bread, cheese, and sauces. All these will be decided by the company and franchisee will not have a say in that.
  • The company will provide the franchisee with staff members but it’s totally up to the franchisee owners to retain them and take good care of them. The company will send the staff in the beginning but the responsibility of retaining them is on the owner of the franchisee.
  • CCTV cameras are must in every franchisee any manipulation with the coverage will not be tolerated.
  • These terms and conditions are applied only in Gujarat State.

Franchisee Requirements

Required carpet area = 1500 to 2000 square feet
Preferred location - Student zone, Residential area, Corporate parks, malls, posh area, city center points.

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Address: First Floor,Krishna Capital,Near Yamuna Wadi,Zanzarda Road,Junagadh-362001

Call us: +91 9979384432

Email: realpizzajnd@gmail.com

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