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Real Pizza is the unit of REAL GROUP that was established in April 2005. Real group is involved in food business ever since 2005. Our core aim is quality and service. Along with Real Pizza we also do run our successful venture "Real Taste Restaurant - Real Caterers- Real Urban Deck & Real Pizza (Junagadh-Surat) which is active in serving tasty food as per its name and the expectation of the people of Junagadh. We believe in development and changes of time and choice of people so keeping that in mind, in order to serve something new and better, we started "Real Pizza" our first outlet at own doorstep in April 2017. "Real Pizza" is focused to serve unlimited menu of different pizza flavours to customers, in which customer get taste of their liking in many choice with less price. The main aim of Real Pizza was to serve its all types of customers and satisfy them with the unlimited menu in Pizza which was the first endeavour by us in the world of pizza restaurant.


Our target is to open a franchisee chain and provide the best quality food and class apart service in every city of Gujarat. We do believe that dedication and smart work in a particular direction, we will very shortly bring our name to world level and start our chain restaurant within no time globally.


Quality and Service has always been the base of “Real Pizza” as well as how to run a business with a less wastage on a higher profit. By doing these we do our business with less price yet tasty food and excellent service is served to our prestigious customers. The reason behind coming with the unlimited
menu is nothing but to make sure that each aged person has satisfaction while having pizza at our restaurant.


  • Company will make the franchisee outlet ready on its own.
  • You will get complete support in finding the right location for your franchisee outlet.
  • As per the standardised theme of our company, we will help in making every interior and exterior look plus kitchen design, ready.
  • You will get total support in terms of advertisements.
  • Menu and rates will be decided by the company.
  • Menu design and rates will be decided by company.
  • At the initial stage of beginning of new franchisee outlet, company will provide total staff for the first time. Also whenever required after that company will try its level best to provide staff.
  • The training will be provided by company to franchisee owner & staff for 15 days prior to the opening.
  • Company will stand by you in buying furniture design, board designs, sign board, AC, tables-chairs, counter design, CCTV & software, refrigeration plus all other related electronics like oven, kitchen utensils & equipment necessary for serving like crockery.
  • To decorate the interior, company will provide the entire necessary theme based poster designs to franchisee.
  • Company officers will brief the restaurant staff once in a month.
  • Most importantly, Company will always be standing steady and strong by franchisee owner regarding improvement in business.
  • Company will also guide you to finalise the franchisee location then while doing agreement also we will be supporting you.
  • Anywhere if any franchisee owner finds it hard to get anything which is most important for business then company will guide you as well as show the right path where franchisee owner can get the thing at a lower rate.
  • Company will always support the franchisee owner to get raw material at lower costing.
  • From the opening of franchisee outlet, until the business reaches its peak till the time company will provide marketing plan as per your requirement so that your business grows towards profit from the beginning.


Average profit in Pizza outlet will be 20 up to 25% which is solely dependent on franchisee owner. If the franchisee owner follows our suggestions then he can earn more than 25% of the profit. For that only one thing is important that is “Man Power”. In any place where the members of home work, more
profit is bound to come.


  • To do the outlet you must be minimum three owners.
  • To do franchisee outlet you must have three phase connection.
  • Franchise must have sitting capacity of at least 80 persons.
  • There must be minimum 12 members of staff (for kitchen 5 & dining 7)
  • Franchisee deposit must be paid once before the opening of the franchisee.
  • The Company is registered so the franchisee holder will have to follow each & every rules of the company.
  • The location has to be at ground floor or first floor on main road.
  • The location will be first surveyed by company officials and then only finalised.
  • The interior will be decided by interior decorator appointed by company and also will be as per norms of company insurance.
  • The theme of restaurant is 'red & black' and there will not be any change in that without approval of company.
  • The royalty must be deposited in company's account between, 1st to 5th of every month.
  • The deposit paid for franchisee will not be returned at any cost.
  • Franchisee holder must obey the rules of fssi & company and henceforth subjected to produce all the required documents necessary for the same.
  • Every outlet must start with a grand opening.
  • Raw material used for each outlet will be decided by the company and the franchisee owner is not authorised to make any changes in that, if done so then company can take necessary steps against it.
  • The service and quality of the company cannot be compromised at any cost.
  • The franchisee owner cannot change the menu card and rate decided by the company.
  • Whenever the company officials come for a routine checking at outlet, they must be given proper support in anything asked for. If company asks to make any changes then outlet owner will have to follow the same.
  • This Terms & Condition is apply in Gujarat State.
  • The account software will be used in any franchisee will be approved by company.
  • The quality of food must be maintained specially 'pizza, bread, cheese and sauce', all these will be decided by the company and there will not be any changes in that.
  • Whenever staff members are being sent to the franchisee outlet then it is the responsibility of the owner to take care of the staff. Company will provide staff only on first time, if the franchisee will have issues with staff again & again then in that case the responsibility of staff lies on the franchisee owner. Company can provide the staff but handling them is totally in the control of franchisee owner.
  • CCTV camera is must in franchisee and any manipulation with coverage
    will not be tolerated.


  • Required carpet area 1500 to 2000 Sq. Ft.
  • Preferred location Student zone, Resident area, Corporate parks, Malls, Posh area, City centre point
  • Investment 45,00,000 to 50,00,000/-
  • Deposit 8,00,000/- (3 Lakh Refundtable And 5 Lakh Non Refundtable)
  • Company royalty amount 5% off total sale per month. (G.S.T. Extra)
  • Water supply and proper drainage management is important
  • Food License, other related license as per every government rules


Mr. SANJAY PATEL - +91 9979384432


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